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Home: W : Wes King

Artist Info

Name: Wes King

Genre: Pop, Folk, Worship
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: Word Artisan Records

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What Matters Most (2001)
Signature Songs (1999)
Invention (Keaggy, King, & Denté) (1997)
A Room Full of Stories (1997)
Common Creed (1995)
The Robe (1993)
Sticks and Stones (1991)
Motivation (1990)




Album, What Matters Most
Album, Signature Songs
Album, Invention (Keaggy, King, & Denté)
Album, A Room Full of Stories
Album, Common Creed
Album, The Robe
Album, Sticks and Stones
Album, Motivation

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Christian Music Today, Return of the King


With modern-day, lyrical proverbs dedicated to his 4-year-old twin boys, new Word Artisan singer/songwriter/guitarist and now producer, Wes King is back with his first CD release in nearly four years. What Matters Most takes the listener on a journey as a father shares with his sons the truth about life and God.

As you read the notes written in the CD you see a glimpse of King's heart for this project as he states, "I had a conversation with my wife a few years... Click Here To Read More

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