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Home: W : Winans Phase 2

Artist Info

Names: Marvin Winans Jr. (vocals), Carvin Winans III (vocals), Juan Winans (vocals), Michael Winans Jr. (vocals)

Genre: Urban/R&B, Gospel
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Myrrh Records
Website: N/A
Similar Artists: Boyz II Men

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We Got Next (2000)




Album, We Got Next

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"Years ago, when the Winans first started making records, they were breaking down a lot of barriers in Gospel music. Now we feel like it's our opportunity to pick up that same torch and break down the remaining barriers." —Winans Phase 2

It's that old "nature vs. nurture" argument. Are the courses of our lives determined more by the genetic makeup we receive from our parents, or by the environmental influences in which we are raised? Well, in this case you can take... Click Here To Read More

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