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Artist Info

Names: Chrissy Conway (vocals), Alisa Girard (vocals), Kristin Swinford (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Dance/Techno
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Sparrow/EMI Records
Similar Artists: Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Ashlee Simpson

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With All Of My Heart (2005)
Room to Breathe (2005)
Different Kind of Free (2003)
Mix of Life (2002)
Life (2001)
ZOEgirl (2000)


ZOEgirl Braves The Desert For New Video Shoot
ZOEgirl 'You Get Me' Video Shoot
Mix Masters ZOEgirl


Album, With All Of My Heart
Album, Room to Breathe
Album, Different Kind of Free
Album, Mix of Life
Album, Life
Album, ZOEgirl

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Christian Music Today, Bye Bye Britney
Campus Life Jun/Jul 2002, "I Wanted to Be the Next Britney."
One of Those Days


With more than 1 million albums sold worldwide and an impressive track record that heralds them as the fastest-selling debut artist in the 26-year history of Sparrow Records, ZOEgirl has managed to create a success story that continues to get bigger and bigger with the release of each new album. Performances at venues like New York's Madison Square Garden, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Walt Disney World have helped ZOEgirl become one of the...Click Here To Read More

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